Terms & Conditions


I will provide a price and timescale quotation to you, based on the information you provide to me. I reserve the right to request a sample of the document in question.

If something arises (such as illness or other unforeseen circumstances) that makes it impossible for me to meet the original deadline or price quotation, I will inform you as soon as I can and stop work until you have decided how you wish to proceed.

It is important to contact me for a quotation in good time, even if I’ve worked with you before. I reserve the right to offer an alternative timescale, charge extra for urgent turnaround times or to refuse a certain piece of work.


Please note that I reserve the right to refuse work if I do not feel comfortable with its content, even if I have worked with you before.

Such work includes anything that would be prefaced with a ‘trigger warning’ if it were shared online (for example description or discussion of rape, abuse, suicide, self-harm, etc.). If your writing includes something of this sort, please show me the courtesy of describing the topics covered in order for me to decide whether I will be able to face working on it.

Thank you for respecting my boundaries; if you have work which I am unable to carry out, I will endeavour to find a recommended proofreader or editor for you.


If I am unable to take on your project, it is likely that I will be able to recommend a suitable alternative proofreader to you. My recommendation is a personal recommendation and does not carry over any of my terms and conditions. The price and service you arrange with the alternative supplier is outside of my concern and your arrangement is with them personally. I am not liable for that relationship, service, price or work.

Corruption and viruses

I reserve the right to use corruption detecting software on the documents you send me. If I find corruption present in the document, I will inform you, cancelling the job and returning the document to you as is. If I have worked on part of the document before the corruption became an issue, I will reserve the right to charge for the time spent OR word count completed, at my discretion.

I check all documents  sent to me for viruses. If you send me a document or email containing a virus, I will alert you as soon as I am able and I reserve the right NOT to work with you / on that document, whatever pricing and service offer we have agreed.


If I find that you have extensively plagiarised in your work, I reserve the right to refuse to work any further. I also reserve the right to charge for any work I have already undertaken on your document.

This statement mainly relates to students, but if I find that any client has copied another organisation or person’s web or other text, the same conditions apply.

Invoicing and Payment

In most cases I produce an invoice once I have completed your work. In the case of large projects and entirely at my discretion, I reserve the right to request a down payment in advance.

Payment is due immediately for student clients.

Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date for most other clients, unless I have another agreement with your company.

I accept payment by PayPal*, sterling cheque or bank transfer. Bank details, PayPal and cheque instructions are included on the invoice.

*please note, there is an additional charge if you choose to pay by PayPal. Although it’s convenient, it does charge me for receiving money, so I pass on some of that charge to you.


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