The service I offer

Details of service

I do not undertake an actual rewriting of your work.  Rather, I make suggestions about spelling, grammar, punctuation, word order and sense using the “track changes” feature in Word. This means that you retain the authorship of the work. You need to go through it after me accepting (or not) the changes. This is especially important with academic work where you need to have written and thought about every word.

The reason I leave the errors in the text (crossed out) with suggestions is threefold:
1.  it may help you learn something about grammar or idiomatic use of English.
2. I need to make sure I am not misinterpreting what you say.  When you look at each suggestion I make, you should check I am helping you to say what you want to say, and I haven’t changed your meaning!  I am not an expert on your field of research (unless you happen to be writing about Middle English!), so it is especially important for you to check that the content of your research hasn’t been altered by my suggestions for your use of English.
3. Where there are a large number of changes in a part of the text, we need to be careful about authorship – i.e. that it doesn’t look like I have rewritten anything for you – this way you are aware of all changes and have an active role in amending the text.  Both customer and proofreader need to be careful about this when looking at a dissertation or thesis that will be examined as your own work.

For information on bibliographies, please see this blog post. Essentially, I will not make substantial changes to a bibliography since your ability to work with references and cite them properly as demonstrated in a bibliography is assessed by your examiners. And they are interested in your ability so to do, not mine (and my PhD examiners were perfectly happy with my citations so I have nothing left to prove!)

With regard to deadlines, you would need to get the work to me in good time to have it back at least 24 hours before your submission deadline, giving you time to go through my suggestions.

My standard (student) rate is £5 per 1000 words (increasing if you need a 48-hour turnaround or at my discretion if a quick turnaround is required for any document over 20,000 words.)   These prices are half my professional fees to companies and organisations. There are probably cheaper services out there, but they often rely on feeding your work through a spelling and grammar checking programme, whereas I guarantee that every word is looked at by me.

The payment will be due upon completion of the work. This final invoice price is non-negotiable and can be paid by bank transfer or cheque.


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